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The Toolpack Change Preparation Tool

By bringing potential issues to light before a major project, the fast-turnaround Change Preparation Tool makes success more likely without being a burden.


It is not uncommon for change efforts to be blocked in various units and locations, sometimes from lack of communication, sometimes from some managers’ resistance or from problems with how the initiative has been developed or communicated. The change readiness survey is designed to find obstacles to change before they imperil the success of the change effort.

It is also useful as a communication vehicle from leaders to employees, showing that this initiative is important, and that employee support is needed.

In more than one project, we found gaps that would have imperiled the project; our clients were able to resolve these issues and move forward, or find a better way to achieve their goals.

While it is customized for each organization’s unique needs, the Toolpack change readiness survey measures:

people talking about change

In addition, through open questions, it seeks to discover:

The cost of the change preparation survey is often dwarfed by the investment in the change itself. Yet, it can be the key ingredient in a program's success.

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Article credit: Katherine and David Zatz

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