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Backroom/Private Label Services for Consulting Firms

What are backroom services?

Toolpack can act as a “backroom operation” - think of us as the “boys in the back room” (well, boys and girls) who work in the background while you guide the client. You can lean on the back room boys for advice, but you choose whether to take it; the boys in the back room give you their expertise, do data entry, set up Web surveys and reports, and analyze results without getting in the way.

Toolpack Consulting has a strong survey infrastructure, combined with fresh experience and expertise. We can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your survey, possibly at lower cost than if you did it yourself. Our backroom / private label services can help you to keep your strong relationships with your clients - internal or external; we are quite happy to have you act as the front man, while we work in the background.

The primary difference between our backroom and private label services is who we represent. In our backroom services, we are still Toolpack Consulting; this would be most appropriate for internal consultants and those who do not mind bringing in a trusted associate, with the understanding that your clients are your clients, and that you will remain firmly in charge of the relationship. In our private label service, Toolpack Consulting will be invisible to your clients, and we will be your associate in the project.

Our backroom services can be especially helpful for:

Even if you have survey training and experience, if your primary job is not doing surveys. Let us provide our expertise and logistical support, while you do what you do best.

Our expertise is in surveys, interviews, analysis, and other ways to gather information and turn it into action. You have expertise on your firm (or your client) and your own areas of knowledge. We respect that and will work with you to our mutual benefit.

If you would like more information, please give us a call or shoot us an e-mail.

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