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Survey administration and reporting

Our survey practice is flexible and able to work on any or all parts of a project. While we prefer to be involved in survey design and implementation, we can also help you with adminstration only - that is, setting up a paper or electronic survey, getting the data, and reporting the results.

Our electronic surveys include Web and e-mail administration, with secure servers if desired. We prefer to use our own facilities for hosting the survey, but will include a special "domain name" such as to personalize it for your employees. Our Web surveys load quickly and are easy to fill out, and can include skip and branch patterns if desired. E-mail surveys can be sent using plain text, for maximum compatibility and fast downloads, or using html formatting.

Toolpack paper surveys include both simple "circle the number" and optical scanning forms.

Toolpack reports are clean and easy to read, making them quickly usable by people at every level of the organization. This makes it more likely that the data will be put to work, not put on a shelf. (For that reason, we also provide a feedback / action planning guide with each survey).

We have a variety of report styles, each designed to fill a different need, and can alter them as needed.

We can also link survey results to key outcomes so that issues with the highest impact can be isolated and improved. We can do this even if we did not help you with the survey.

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