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David Zatz, Ph.D.

daveDavid Zatz focuses on targeted change efforts, including employee and customer surveys, linkage, process mapping, and process consulting. For example, a two-day session at a corporate travel agency led to a reduction in errors to one third of their previous level, without financial investments. His work has helped many organizations to cut costs while increasing service.

Dr. Zatz has spoken at conferences arranged by the Conference Board and quality and government groups, and has published articles in journals (such as HRMagazine, Quality Digest, and Effective Executive), trade publications, and books.

Before joining Toolpack Consulting, David was a consultant with Metrus Group, WLH Consulting, and Pace University. David has worked with clients such as the American Management Association, Arthrocare, BTI Americas, the Coast Guard, Enhanced Vision, General Fire & Casualty, Mattel, the City of New York, Pfizer, and Wakefern Foods. He has also done a great deal of work indirectly, through other firms, via Toolpack’s backroom consulting service.

David holds a B.A. in psychology from Rutgers University, and a Ph.D. in organizational psychology from Columbia University.

Katherine Houghton Zatz, Ed.D.

Dr Kate ZatzDr. Katherine Houghton Zatz’s career has centered around empowering people to solve problems and improve processes. She has 30 years of leadership experience, specializing in education. For example, at one college, Dr. Zatz achieved a 60% increase in enrollment over seven years, raised retention by 26 points, and slashed the student loan default rate by 17 points in three years. Dr. Zatz has been a Middle States Association peer evaluator, and has led internal accreditation efforts.

Dr. Zatz was a co-founder and coordinator of a soup kitchen at 114th Street and Broadway in Manhattan; it evolved into Broadway Community Incorporated, and now incorporates a food services training program and a shelter for homeless women. 

Dr. Zatz is currently Chair of the Board of Trustees of the American Public University System/American Military University and Assistant Dean for Administrative Sciences in the Petrocelli School of Continuing Sciences at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is currently only available in an advisory capacity.

Lonnie DeRosa, M.B.A.

Lonnie DeRosa has a varied background in the field of market research. Having been involved with the research process from all viewpoints -- research supplier, ad agency, and end user -- he provides a well-rounded perspective to his client organizations. He brings over 25 years experience to his clients conducting studies involving customer satisfaction measurement; copy testing and advertising research; positioning and pricing research; new product development; segmentation research; concept testing; and attitude and usage surveys.

Lonnie has extensive experience with the direction and interpretation of multivariate research methods, including conjoint analysis, perceptual mapping, Thurstone analysis, price sensitivity analysis, and quadrant analysis.

Lonnie has also been Research Account Manager with Lewis, Gilman, and Kynett Advertising, and Market Research Manager with Atlantic Financial.

Lonnie received his A.B. in Mathematics from Rutgers College and his M.B.A. in Marketing from Drexel University. He works with Toolpack Consulting as an external associate.

Lynn Sian

Lynn Sian has over twenty years’ experience in the back-end work of survey development, programming, and analysis. She current works in survey design and processing, data analysis, and reporting. Prior to working with Toolpack Consulting, Lynn worked with Metrus Group and Expert Survey Systems.

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